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"We couldn't be happier with the results of Jennifer's advice and guidance. I admit, we suffered through many months of our child sleeping only 2 hour stretches, and everything I knew to try wasn't working (and I read a lot of books about sleep!). Jennifer spent time getting to know our concerns, goals, and helped us formulate a plan. I had a LOT of anxiety leading up to meeting Jennifer and enacting a sleep plan for our son, but Jennifer put my mind at ease immediately. We were involved in helping to create the sleep plan, and the plan evolved over our time working with Jennifer. The end result was a success! We have a sleep plan that allows us the flexibility to adjust to daily changes (because, let's face it, no 2 days are the same). I only wish we would have made the decision to work with Jennifer sooner." 

~Jamie K, Waukesha WI


"After over a year of our 3 year old waking up at least once a night, we decided this wasn’t going to resolve itself and hired Jennifer as a sleep coach. By the end of our first week working with Jennifer, our daughter was sleeping through the night on most nights. After two weeks, she was sleeping 11 hours straight. Our bedtimes are also much smoother and we are all very well rested now! Jennifer also helped us learn how to transition from 1 nap to no nap. Jennifer was awesome to work with – caring, understanding and very encouraging. Don’t wait another minute to hire her!"     

~Brandi G. Waukesha, WI

We were referred to Jennifer through one of our daughter's doctors, and boy are we happy we followed through! A little background on our daughter and her sleeping habits before we met Jennifer. She is 15 months old, has never slept through the night, fights bedtime and naps, usually has to be rocked, nursed, or put in a carrier to be put to sleep. She was also still nursing several times a night! By the 3rd wake-up, she would end up in our bed because my husband and I were just so exhausted and in survival mode to get some sleep ourselves. This had become our norm. It never got easier but we got used to functioning on such little sleep. Our daughter was often cranky, and we knew this was because of the lack of sleep she was getting. We had tried some sleep training in the past, and just when we


were starting to make progress there would be an interruption in our routine (such as getting the flu) and we were never able to make gains after that. We just didn't believe that our daughter would ever sleep!

Jennifer listened to our concerns and needs and helped us develop a routine and sleep training program that we felt comfortable with. In a matter of a week, our daughter made great progress and broke records, including sleeping 8 hours one night (I know, I know..but to us this is AMAZING!), taking a 2 hour nap, and nursing only one time during the night (which we hope to completely cut-out soon). Jennifer was so supportive through this process and always reminded us of our goal for doing this. She is extremely knowledgeable about sleep and what children need to get the best sleep possible. We thought we knew everything as we had been researching baby sleep for over a year, but Jennifer helped us gain so much knowledge and understanding. We highly recommend Jennifer and her services in helping your child and family get the sleep you all deserve! You won't regret it!

~Gwyn & Brandon P. Hales Corners, WI

Jennifer changed our life and our family's well being! I have a four year old that started to struggle with sleep shortly after transitioning out of the crib around 2. For two years we tried EVERYTHING and would occasionally have some small progress but would always end up back with a fight going to bed and multiple wake ups every night. Within 1 week he was sleeping through the night with the new routine and within 4 we were able to remove the gate off of the door. He still goes to bed nicely and never leaves his room unless he needs to use the bathroom. Jennifer was able to close the gap on what was and wasn't working for us and what details my son was catching on to that were interrupting our ability to make stable progress. Now that he is going to bed earlier (sometimes up to 2 hours earlier!) he is better behaved, as parents we are more rested and patient, and our whole family works more smoothly.


Beyond getting our sleep routine into a better spot, I can't speak highly enough about Jennifer's support and approach. She was open, listened well, and was both supportive and empathetic throughout. I never felt "dumb" with my questions. As our situation changed and we learned about how Caleb reacted she was flexible and continued to provide next steps. It really took the pressure and stress out of the process and created a plan to follow so we didn't have to be questioning ourselves. Jennifer always responded quickly and thoroughly and overall the experience was FANTASTIC! I would recommend her and her services to anyone considering if a sleep coach could make a difference in their situation.

~Lauren A. Cedarburg, WI

My daughter is 17 months and had never slept through the night. She was waking up at least three times per night and was never able to self soothe herself back to sleep. I was very hesitant to start a sleep program, but Jennifer was amazing. She walked me through each nap and bed-time and was so patient and thoughtful. My daughter now sleeps through the night and I'm so thankful for Jennifer and all of her help. Jennifer is fantastic.

~Lisa R. Delafield WI

Our son had always been a good sleeper until we experienced our first sleep regression at 5 months old. He went from sleeping through the night to waking up multiple times. After 3 weeks of him waking up every single night we decided we were ready to do something to help him sleep again. That’s when we got in touch with Jen. During our consultation she asked about our sleep goals as well as what style of sleep training we would be most comfortable with. She discussed the pros and cons of each and put together a plan that we were comfortable with. Jen made herself available for questions and provided great feedback and support as we implemented the plan. Within a week our son was sleeping through the night again. An added bonus was his improved day time napping (something he had never been good at.) I would recommend Jen to anyone looking for help getting their little one’s sleep on track.

~Emily S. Bakersfield, CA

"Jennifer helped our 3 year old twin boys regain healthy sleep patterns in 8 days! Through a well thought out and easy to execute plan we were able to go from 4a wake ups.. with days filled with tantrums and push back on naps.. to 6a wake ups and happier kids (and parents!). Cannot recommend Jennifer enough!!"

~Kathryn S, Mineral Point, WI

"I cannot thank Jennifer enough for everything she has done to help my son and I sleep through the night! My son was waking up every couple of hours at night. Thanks to Jennifer, he now sleeps 12 hours!! Also, my son was only taking 30 minute naps. He is now napping longer. All of my frustration and anxiety have gone away! Jennifer was kind, informative, wonderful and compassionate. The written sleep plan was so easy to follow. She really cares and enjoys helping families. I will be forever thankful to Jennifer for all she has done. Most importantly, she gave me confidence as a parent. And that is something I am truly grateful for."

~Trina H, New Berlin, WI

"After sleep deprivation was setting in for both myself and my son, I decided to contact Jennifer to see if she could offer us any help. Jennifer took the time to learn about our specific situation, our comfort levels with different sleep techniques and what we wanted to accomplish.  After making us a comprehensive sleep training plan, she continually checked in with us and made any needed adjustments.  She is always available, never judgmental and genuinely cares. Now my baby can fall asleep on his own and often sleeps through the night.  Much happier baby and MUCH happier mommy." ~Alyssa M, Chandler, AZ




"Jennifer has what evaery troubled mom needs- expert advice delivered in a clear, warm manner, and all the time and personal attention needed to solve children's sleep snafus.  Jennifer did a great job of mapping out a plan to get my whole family sleeping soundly. She answered every text and call with patience and cheerfulness and we are all sleeping much better after her help! 
Bedtime has become pleasant and peaceful, without spankings or whining- no frustrated parents of overtired kids!
We are not rushing through everyone's routine to get the baby to sleep since she is in bed long before the others.
I have time after the kids go to bed to write emails, fold laundry, say hello to my husband, and still be in bed by 9-9:30 pm. 
THANK YOU times a million!!"
~Jennifer F, Chandler, AZ

"The first 5 months of our daughters life we dealt with GI issues that led to creating sleep habits that required being held to sleep or having either mom or Dad touching her. Naps on her own were essentially non-existent and she was waking so many times after being put to bed that we were getting only a few hours of sleep per night. We dreaded bedtime and the hours of trying to calm her enough to fall asleep for even a short period of time. Her inability to sleep was negatively affecting so many areas of our life so we started researching local help for sleep. We didn’t know if this was the direction to go so we spoke to our pediatrician who right away recommended Jennifer with Golden Slumbers. She was already our top pick after reading her bio and seeing that she had medical background in the pediatric field. We felt she would be a good fit considering our daughters medical history. Once we received the recommendation from the pediatrician, we knew this was the right direction to go and we booked her right away. From the first phone call consult through the end of our 3 weeks, Jennifer was a great support for us. She assured us we could be successful and equipped us to be successful. She took into account our wishes and preferences and worked with us to develop a good plan. Our schedule often gets chaotic with our work schedules being opposite and sports for our older child and Jennifer helped us find ways to plan around needing to go places and still get naps in. At the end of our three weeks we have a sleeping baby! Our daughter is napping three times a day on her own and is waking up usually just for feedings at night. We are so thankful for the help that Jennifer gave us and for a sleeping baby! We definitely recommend Golden Slumbers."

~Jason & Nancy S, Oak Creek, WI



"As a parent that takes more of an attachment parenting approach, I was always very skeptical about even considering any sort of sleep training or taking advice of that sort. I always associated sleep training with "cry it out." When my son was 2.5 years old and bedtime was becoming a real issue for our family, I decided to reach out to Jennifer at Golden Slumbers. Every preconceived notion I had about sleep consultants was wiped away within minutes of speaking with her. Jennifer took my parenting style and wishes as top priority when developing a recommendation for my family. She is professional, compassionate and patient which makes all the difference in the world to an overtired, frustrated mama bear like myself. Thank you Golden Slumbers for changing my perspective and giving my family the tools to achieve sweet dreams."

~Kristen R, Milwaukee, WI


"I had a lot of sleep challenges with my son. As a first-time mom who was working full-time, I was exhausted, frustrated, and desperate for solutions. I was so fortunate to find Jennifer! She did a thorough analysis of our individual situation including a detailed phone consultation. She gave us multiple options in how to proceed, so that we could find a system that worked best for our family. She stayed in close contact and was readily available to help make adjustments or answer questions, always with a patient, knowledgeable, understanding, and non judgmental attitude. It made an enormous difference to our son's sleep patterns, and we were all able to enjoy our awake time more. Her background as a pediatric nurse and mother make her a perfect fit for this field. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to a friend."

~Elizabeth M, Gilbert, AZ



"I was nervous that my three year old was beyond help, but Jennifer completely saved us! After our second baby was born, our first's bedtime became a disaster. I wanted him to get some extra love and that translated into extra stories, staying in his room, and patting his back for an hour or more after "lights out". Within a week, Jennifer had us out of the room. In the second week, we were even done with a pacifier. His sleep is amazing, our home in the evenings is much less stressed, everything is better." 

~Megan S, Mesa, AZ

"We hired Jennifer to address sleep issues for my 3 year old, who had never been a good sleeper, and who was dragging out bedtime, getting up during the night and waking in the 4 am hour - we were so exhausted and didn't know what to do. Jennifer was supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging and I'm so thankful a friend recommender her- I wish we had hired her 3 years ago! Working with Jennifer gave us the confidence and knowledge to establish good sleep habits for our son and as a result the whole family is getting more sleep than we have in three years - it's amazing! For anyone struggling with sleep issues I would highly recommend hiring Jennifer."

~Kelsey W, Mesa, AZ

"Ari was 20 weeks when we contacted Jennifer. We had been getting about 3 hours of sleep, naps were not really consistent and he had just starting rolling over, good bye swaddle. I didn't know what to do. You can read a plethora of books but at the end, they all contradict each other and you can't call with questions. Let's keep in mind no baby is the same and the book won't answer it all. In comes Jennifer. She has a calmness about her I can't describe. Upon meeting her she explained the procedures and different methods. She was there to guide me and support me through the rough parts of training. My baby sleeps 12 hours a night and wakes up once for a feeding. Jennifer helped not only my baby with sleeping but our family as a whole. I am forever thankful and I can't ever repay her. Being able to help a child sleep is a gift. Jennifer's ability to help us do that is priceless."

~Carolina I, Milwaukee, WI

"Before calling Jennifer, our 5 1/2 month old son's sleep (or lack thereof) was completely ruling our lives. We were getting only a few hours of sleep a night and our son was waking to nurse frequently-- sometimes every 45 minutes! He also took every nap on us either in our arms or in a carrier. We knew we needed a change and are so happy we found Jennifer! She listened and put together a strategic plan for us-- and it worked! She was very supportive throughout the process and helped us tweak when necessary. I appreciated that she was available for texts and phonecalls during the process as we had lots of questions and needed lots of cheerleading :) I would recommend her services to anyone-- our lives completely changed for the better. Our son is now only nursing once at night and is sleeping in 7 hour chunks! I didn't think it was possible! Thanks again, Jennifer!"

~Kelsey S, Marietta, GA



"Our daughter was coming up on 6 months old and showing no signs of improvement in her sleep. We were exhausted and desperate. Realizing we needed help, we began researching sleep consultants. Our connection with Jennifer was immediate. She was so understanding and easy to talk to. We started our sleep plan within a few days and I can honestly say it is the best money we have ever spent. Jennifer went above and beyond to support us every step of the way. We did not realize how little we knew about infant sleep schedules. She gave us the knowledge and tools we needed to make our daughter's sleep schedule work within our lives. Before sleep training, our daughter was going to bed late, up every 2-3 hours, and wouldn't sleep in her crib. After working with Jennifer, she now sleeps 11-12 hour stretches in her crib and only wakes up for one feeding. Thanks to Jennifer, everyone in our family is getting better sleep and is happier as a result. We are so thankful for Jennifer and would recommend her to anyone struggling with sleep! Thank you, Jennifer!"

~Rob & Tracy K, Milwaukee, WI




"Jennifer we cannot thank you enough for helping us to teach our daughter the basics for great sleep. The knowledge you shared with us allowed us to know our daughter is getting the sleep she needs (as are we!) Her teachers and doctor are so impressed with the changes they’ve seen that they have started to recommend your program to others!"

~Lisa M, Brookfield, WI




"From the beginning Jennifer was responsive for scheduling the initial consultation, and she continued to have great communication throughout the week she helped us. We felt that she was compassionate to the challenges of sleep training and was very open in sharing some of her own personal stories to help put us at ease. We highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a sleep consultant, and would be happy to consult with her again should we need support in the future."

~Sam and Mara B, Milwaukee, WI




"We contacted Jennifer after a night where we got up and put our twins back to bed FORTY SIX TIMES, 2-3 hours after bedtime. Within a week, they are asleep within minutes, not hours, and our "back to bed" visits are down to one or two per night. Jennifer's creative problem solving and respect for our situation, my kids and their need for good sleep helped our whole family! We got our evenings back, and the kids are finally well rested."

~Lizzy K, Mequon, WI​​​​




Jennifer helped us gain our nights back. We've always struggle with sleep when it comes to our 2.5 year old daughter. She's never been much of a sleeper and wakes frequently. Sometimes it's nightmares but mostly it's that she just doesn't want to sleep. We were getting up at 3:00 or 4:00  am with her and then having her fall back asleep at 6:30am...when we needed to be getting up for work.

Jennifer reinforced things we knew and help give us the tools we needed to get our entire household on a better sleeping schedule. We're very grateful we found Jennifer and couldn't recommend her services more. She understands where you're coming from and works within your comfort level. 

If you're having nighttime struggles with your little one, we highly recommend connecting with Jennifer.

~Addie, Glenn and Anne, Milwaukee, WI




"Jennifer has been very helpful in working with me to help my baby sleep. Even though this is my third child it is helpful to have her expertise and kind advice. She is an excellent resource and I hope that other parents seek her support."

~Katie K, Elm Grove, WI 

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