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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Sleep Consultant

If you’re like most people, you turn to books and the internet when you’re looking for answers on how to help your child sleep. What you find though often leaves you confused and overwhelmed.

Truth be told, there isn’t anything a sleep consultant can tell you about sleep that you can’t find in a book or online. So why would you work with one?

1. Your baby is not sleeping as well as you’d like.

Everyone has different expectations and goals for their child’s sleep. Some parents are content waking 3 times per night while others are frustrated waking one time per night. No two families are alike and everyone’s needs are different. If you’re tired and frustrated by the lack of sleep you and your child are getting, it’s time to work with a sleep consultant.

2.You’re too tired (don’t have the time) to read all the books.

Have you ever tried to read when you’re tired? It’s not easy. Now try reading when you’re sleep deprived. It’s impossible to get through one book and make sense of it, let alone the 5 or 6 you may need to read to find the answer that works for you. Hiring a sleep consultant gives you access to all the information in sleep books, without the time and energy required to read the books yourself.

3. Sleep isn’t one size fits all.

Sleep isn’t always as black and white as we’d like it to be and it can be difficult to navigate which method is right for you. Sleep consultants have the experience of working with a variety of circumstances and know how to ask the right questions to guide you to the method that will work best for your family.

4. Books can’t answer questions.

Books can give you the information, but what happens when your baby doesn’t do exactly what the book said? Sleep consultants help you navigate what to do when your baby does the unexpected.

5. Books can’t provide support.

Sleep training is difficult. It’s emotional and there’s a lot of self-doubt. Sleep consultants are there to hold your hand, provide encouragement, and get you through the tough part so you and your family can get to sleeping better as quickly as possible.

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