Meet Your Sleep Consultant

Jennifer Heger

Founder of Golden Slumbers Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Certified Child Sleep Consultant


My name is Jennifer Heger and I am a certified child sleep consultant. After 10 years of working with infants and children as a pediatric nurse, I decided to change my focus to sleep issues. Seven years later, I'm delighted to say that helping parents and their children get better sleep is still one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  

My journey to becoming a sleep consultant started in 2014 with my experience with my first child. After reading many books on sleep and implementing their techniques, my son was still waking multiple times per night. Exhausted and frustrated, I decided to hire a sleep consultant.

After a two hour consult, I felt informed, encouraged, and empowered. She left me with a schedule and a plan and I felt more organized than I had in months. Within three nights my son was sleeping through the night. The foundation for healthy sleep we built at that time has helped my son sleep well ever since.To this day people are surprised at how great of a sleeper he is.

Knowing how grateful I was to have someone provide sleep guidance and support, when all the books and internet articles left me confused, was the most amazing feeling. And better yet was the feeling of gratitude and relief I had the first night we all slept through the night.  

I am motivated and inspired to help all families reach their sleep goals through education, guidance, and support. I will review your child's current sleep habits with you, provide a detailed sleep plan that compliments your parenting style and philosophy, and offer follow-up support for questions and concerns.

I look forward to meeting you and helping your little one ‘sleep like a baby’.