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This is the best combination to help you achieve your sleep goals for your little ones, ages 6 months through 6 years.

What families are saying...
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Jennifer is amazing and super knowledgeable! I was hesitant to hire a sleep consultant but she is worth every penny. In just one week, my daughter is already sleeping 100x better. Thank you Jennifer!

~Cecilia C, West Allis, WI


We were referred to Jennifer through one of our daughter's doctors, and boy are we happy we followed through! A little background on our daughter and her sleeping habits before we met Jennifer. She is 15 months old, has never slept through the night, fights bedtime and naps, usually has to be rocked, nursed, or put in a carrier to be put to sleep. She was also still nursing several times a night! By the 3rd wake-up, she would end up in our bed because my husband and I were just so exhausted and in survival mode to get some sleep ourselves. This had become our norm. It never got easier but we got used to functioning on such little sleep. Our daughter was often cranky, and we knew this was because of the lack of sleep she was getting. We had tried some sleep training in the past, and just when we were starting to make progress there would be an

interruption in our routine (such as getting the flu) and we were never able to make gains after that. We just didn't believe that our daughter would ever sleep!

Jennifer listened to our concerns and needs and helped us develop a routine and sleep training program that we felt comfortable with. In a matter of a week, our daughter made great progress and broke records, including sleeping 8 hours one night (I know, I know..but to us this is AMAZING!), taking a 2 hour nap, and nursing only one time during the night (which we hope to completely cut-out soon). Jennifer was so supportive through this process and always reminded us of our goal for doing this. She is extremely knowledgeable about sleep and what children need to get the best sleep possible. We thought we knew everything as we had been researching baby sleep for over a year, but Jennifer helped us gain so much knowledge and understanding. We highly recommend Jennifer and her services in helping your child and family get the sleep you all deserve! You won't regret it!

~Gwyn & Brandon P. Hales Corners, WI

“Month-to-month, even week-to-week, my baby changes significantly. It is hard sometimes being a mom and embracing all the change. Working with Jennifer gave me the confidence I needed to make the necessary shifts with my baby’s sleep routines. The very first night after implementing Jennifer’s expert advice my baby went from waking up every hour or so to sleeping five hours straight!  Within one week, my baby was sleeping 12 hours straight through the night!  Jennifer is clearly a sleep expert based on results. She is professional, compassionate, flexible and understanding…all the qualities that this no-longer-tired mom appreciated."
~Tiffany T. Tempe, AZ


"We are so glad we hired Jennifer to help us get our 2 year old to sleep through the night. She was professional, caring, and very attentive to all aspects of our child. She was a wonderful coach and mentor to us as parents and we learned a lot about sleep and how to get the best results for our child. We couldn't thank her enough!"

~Lauren R. Pewaukee, WI

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After weeks of dreading nap time and bedtime with our daughter, Jennifer was able to change our thought process and approach to restorative sleep with our daughter. My husband was hesitant at first to hire someone to help us in achieving our sleep goals, however after just one week, we both were amazed with the results. Our daughter was sleeping 11-12 hours a night, taking both naps independently in her crib, and was no longer tired and irritable all day. We could not have done this without the support and plan that Jennifer laid out for us.

~Jennifer & Tyler C, New Berlin, WI

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